It would be a mistake if we did not remind our compatriots of the Cahier des Communes, a means to empower the latter, language cherished by Professor Manigat. Unfortunately, those to whom he passed the torch were not on the same wavelength.
In fact, what is it all about, le Cahier des Communes?
Le Cahier des Communes is the embryo of decentralization, this dormant chapter of the constitution. Le Cahier des Communes, in its application, is local management that would lead us straight to federalism, the only lifeline for a NEW Haiti.
Considering certain variations in the rhetoric, we should stress that, in our opinion, federalism would endow the Country with a President and his VP. In addition, we will add ten governors elected by the people. The latter will ensure the management of their constituency with laws passed by the deputies of the communes sitting as legislators. There will be one (1) elected per municipality. Thus, the departmental autonomy will prevail allowing competency to pave its way in the country's management. Corruption will slow down - incompetence will end.
Many federalist compatriots, referring to history, feel stabbed to see our heads of state, apart from Lesly Manigat, manipulated by our foreign partners; hence, they formulate reservations on a President at the head of the Country. We understand their legitimate concern. That is why we proclaim loud and clear that we cannot have a durable and stable policy in the Country without redefining, in a new constitution, the role of the President of the Republic. The latter will receive the grievances of his foreign partners and transmits them to the Senate and the governors in an open session to the nation. At this crossroads, there is no compromise, and this is reasonable that we speed up in an emergency case.
This is a good opportunity to address the choice of a Prime Minister who, in its application, as experienced in the last thirty six years, reflects a pitiful commercialism in all its ugliness. We must put an end to this free pass offered to the 'legal bandi', although our foreign partners are simmering. Let this remark be heard in all classrooms across the country: Although our foreign partners are simmering.
The configuration of the Country! Another subject that has generated a lot of ink and saliva. We are inclined to stress on the excessive regionalism of our compatriots without forgetting to highlight that there is no spontaneous generation. Many historical episodes should have been precursors to tell us, 'Stop there'. Thus, far from opting for a new configuration, they should have kept the ten departments at least for the moment to avoid stumbling blocks. Short!
Federalism inevitably follows its course. We are happy to find a platform for it. While waiting for other voices, let us give the floor to Kettly Excellent of the Federalist Party in her dialogue with the journalist from Boukman.

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